How to Buy Good Quality Childrens Clothing Online

How to Buy Good Quality Childrens Clothing Online

nkIt is very convenient to pick out and purchase your children clothing or baby clothing online but it can sometimes be costly. In fact, a lot of parents are spending more than they expected for their childrens clothing. What they should recognize is the presence of various online stores that offer good quality kids clothes at affordable prices.

Online stores that offer children’s clothing and clothing for babies have become increasingly famous since they serve as alternatives to acquiring the same goods that you usually buy at children’s boutiques and shops. With online shopping, it makes it convenient for you since all you have to do is navigate and click. It saves you time and effort. Moreover, you will be presented with a wide array of clothes to choose from. Boys shirts, girls dresses, baby clothes, accessories and other kids clothes and accessories are available for certain ages and sizes, you will surely find what you’re looking for. It makes it easier for you to compare prices, colors and styles too. Also, you won’t have to deal with salespeople who keep pressuring you while you’re looking around.

It is important that you know of good quality brands for your childrens clothing. A shirt that is manufactured by a well-known and trusted company lasts longer and does not have stain problems. It can even appear like new after your kid wear it several times already and after many washings. When your child no longer needs the clothing, probably because your kids have grown taller and bigger, you may resell them at online children stores for lower prices. Brands such as tadpole and lilypad, anavini, babynotag, paris chere and fun bath are perceived to be of good quality by most parents.

It is easy to find quality clothes for children websites online. But first, make sure to use a reliable search engines such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN or Altavista. Then, all you have to perform is standard internet search by inputting keywords or terms in search engines such as “clothes for babies” or “children’s clothing” or “Quality todler clothing” and hitting the search button. To find local kid clothing websites, include your city or state along with the keywords for instance “NJ kids clothing”, “quality clothing for kids in NJ” or “toddler clothes in NJ”. In seconds, you will find a list of websites. From your visited sites, carefully look at images of kids clothing and their corresponding prices. Then compare similar items with their respective prices and select the best website for your childs clothes.

When you have finally selected the items you want to purchase, you will have to fill out an order form. Verify the site is secure when ordering. You can tell because you will see https instead of just http in the address bar. There are some indications that a site guarantees a secure and safe ordering place for its customers. Some sites allow their customers to return the items they purchased from them, especially clothes, at anytime and for any reason. The site must only ask relevant information from you such as your address for dropping your order package, credit card number for your payment, or an email address for you to check the status of your order and nothing more. Any information asked of you should be necessary, timely and appropriate for the purpose of processing your order and delivery.

Searching Ebay can help you find good quality children clothing. They have a lot of wonderful items for little boys and girls. It is user-friendly and trusted by most parents in providing good quality kid clothing at reasonable prices. Ebay also updates its posted items regularly so that you will always be provided with new and trendy clothes for kids.

Buying your kids clothes should not be costly. Visit online stores and check the quality of their products and how much they cost. Be careful when giving out any of your confidential and financial information to protect yourself from online threats.

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Fashion truck hits street with whimsey kids clothing


A fashion truck has joined food truck in the ranks of mobile retailing in Scranton.

Natalie Macciocco and Stephen Tunis gave an interesting new life to a former Tastykake truck when they converted it into a mobile boutique selling high-end clothing, unique toys and accessories for boys and girls.

Working around her full-time job in fashion, Ms. Macciocco and Mr. Tunis have been taking the Alice & Hamish truck to the streets of Northeast Pennsylvania.

They began looking for a bricks-and-mortar store in Scranton, but couldn’t settle on one. As they researched other options, they recognized the fashion-truck trend.

Mr. Tunis traded in his 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit and they purchased a Tastykake truck.

“Minus the Tastykakes, unfortunately,” Ms. Macciocco said. Not only was the truck cakeless — it also wasn’t running. The couple worked out a design with some help from friends and set to work.

“We began to build out the interior to make it functional and feel like you are in an actual boutique,” Ms. Macciocco said, noting they had to insulate it, put in bamboo floors, and install a ceiling. “It was like building a tiny house.”

The name Alice & Hamish comes from Tim Burton’s retelling of the Alice in Wonderland tale. In that 2010 movie, Hamish is grown-up Alice’s would-be fiance. The whimsical truck features rose bushes and a tiny door, and a tea area.

Alice & Hamish carries mostly U.S.-made products from small, independent designers. However, “some things are just too cute,” the website points out. Sizes range from 2T to sizes for children to age 8. Ms. Macciocco is a graduate of the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in New York City.

To keep customers informed of the mobile store’s whereabouts, Alice & Hamish is active on social media and has a web component, including a web store.

Stacey Jischke-Steffe, co-founder and president of the American Mobile Retailer Association, estimates there are between 500 and 600 non-food mobile boutiques in the country. Most are clothing, but some sell art, cooking supplies and other goods. While mobile retailers trace their roots to door-to-door peddlers from centuries past, she said mobile retailers first emerged in a noticeable way on the west coast in 2011 or 2012.

Mobile retailers are still a fraction of the food truck business. The association’s hometown of Los Angeles alone has 3,500 food trucks, she said.

This new way to sell goods is catching on because start-up costs for a mobile store can be less than a bricks-and-mortar store and without a lease or leasehold improvement, less risky financially. Another plus is that owners can set their own schedule, taking the truck out when they have time.

“Some people dream about having a store,” Ms. Jischke-Steffe said. “With mobile retailing, more of those people can say ‘I can actually do this.’”

Some mobile vendors transition into a conventional physical store, she said. Others start out as a physical store, then go mobile.

Alice & Hamish is finding people love the novelty of the fashion truck.

“Everyone we have worked with has been very accepting of the idea,” Ms. Macciocco said.

Wedgwood swaps pottery for fashion – as Topshop unveils clothing inspired by iconic prints


POTTERY giant Wedgwood has entered the fashion world – after teaming up with retailer Topshop on a new clothing range.

The fashion company approached Wedgwood after being inspired by the firm’s most iconic prints.

Now the designs – including Wild Strawberry and Jasperware – are being used on classic tea dresses, blouses and skirts for Topshop’s Spring/Summer 2016 ‘Unique’ collection.

They were showcased on the catwalk at London Fashion Week.

It marks a major departure for Wedgwood which has been making pottery for centuries.

A Wedgwood spokesman said: “Focusing on eccentric tea party glamour with a devil-may-care casualness, Topshop has worked with us to create a ‘Cupid’ pattern from Jasperware, the most famous of Josiah Wedgwood’s prints.

“The iconic light blue jasper colour, which was popular in the design, has also inspired the wash of Topshop’s high-waisted 1980s-inspired jeans.

“A non-precious take on garden party style has also seen the creation of the ‘Blackbird’ print, inspired by the best-selling Wedgwood pattern Wild Strawberry, featuring finely-drawn leaves, flowers and strawberries.”

The new collection will hit Topshop’s stores – including in Hanley – in February.

IN PICTURES: Here’s how the clothes looking on the catwalk

A Topshop spokesman said: “We have taken on the new season with a quintessentially British spin by collaborating with Wedgwood. It continues the heirloom prettiness of our Autumn collection.

“The new collection pairs relaxed tailoring with romantic softness. Customers can expect exaggerated French cuffs, collars, and oversize drop shoulders, along with plunging v-necks, daring flashes of leg and fluttering georgette sleeves.

“Our inspiration was a beautiful British rebel with an appetite for fun.”

Marketing experts believe the collaboration is great news for Wedgwood.

Staffordshire University lecturer Vicky Roberts said: “When you think of Wedgwood, you think of ceramics. However, you don’t think about the rich design heritage and pattern archive which has so much potential away from ceramics.

“This creative alliance, which refreshes the prints with new fabrics, will open up the Wedgwood brand to a younger demographic. “Meanwhile, Topshop now has access to the wonderful archive of Wedgwood patterns.

“I believe Topshop is hoping the prints will inspire an emotional connection in older customers, who will be more familiar with the works of Wedgwood.”

Vicky believes Topshop is trying to tap into the growing popularity of afternoon tea among women.

She added: “These are not clothes you’d wear for a night-out or to nip to the shops. They have a very specific audience. This signals an exciting and modern change in direction for the Wedgwood brand and may well lead to more collaborations.”

Fashion design graduate Holly Nancarrow – who owns the HollyCrow boutique in Leek – cannot wait to see the clothes.

The 31-year-old, from Leek, said: “The collection sounds fantastic. Something like this will raise awareness of Stoke-on-Trent’s heritage with the pottery industry. The fact that a big brand like Topshop has decided to use the designs of Wedgwood for inspiration is great.”

Luxury Plus-Size Line Believes in Style Liberty for All

Luxury Plus-Size Line Believes in Style Liberty for All

Universal Standard creates not only fashion-forward pieces for larger sizes but styles that are durable and well-fitted

Sara Roncero-Menendez

Plus-sized clothing has been notoriously “hit or miss,” typically failing to be both well made and well fitting to the customer in question. Whether in an upscale national brand to department store chains, even cheap quick-fashion outlets, plus sized fashion are not designed with their special shape and needs in mind, and are rarely anything emulating high fashion. However, a former fashion journalist and a former investment bank director have taken to the challenge of making fashionable, flattering, and functionally high quality clothes with their new brand, Universal Standard.

Having launched their first collection on September 17, Alexandra Waldman and Polina Veksler’s offerings include minimalist but fashionable clothing options in women’s sizes 10 – 28. From sweaters to skirts, each piece is fitted with elastane to give each piece some stretch (as most non-plus-sized clothing has) as well as engineering the fabric so that it will not pill as easily. Each piece is changed slightly as the sizes change, rather than just altering the width and length by a certain degree. Many of the pieces cost between $100 to $160, comparable to most high quality retailers, and will ship internationally.

plus-size clothing line

Waldman tells PSFK that she hopes that those who partake in the collection’s offering feel good about their purchase and about themselves:

Pleasure; confidence; a sense of freedom of style and expression. It seems so simple doesn’t it? It’s a great feeling to like what you’re wearing and not have to think about it once you’ve put it on. We’ve all felt that feeling at one point or another. We just want to make it an everyday thing and something you have the luxury of taking for granted.

Veksler echoes this statement: “We want people who wear our clothes to feel as style-relevant, beautiful and confident as anyone else. Put simply, we believe in style liberty for all.”

plus-size clothing line

Items from this new collection will begin delivery in mid October of this year, with additional styles (which Veksler has said will add a splash of color to the line) to follow shortly after. All of the pieces are only available online for purchase, though since thus far the responses have been decidedly positive, it is possible that the brand might make its way to sales racks across the country.

Why Junior Clothing Stores Are So Popular With Teens


When you walk through the mall, you may notice that some stores have adolescent girls going in and out of them. A closer examination will show scantily clad mannequins wearing low rise jeans and tops cut off at the midriff. These are the clothing stores that were specifically designed with teenaged girls in mind.

In the early 80s, junior clothing stores began to spring up as clothing manufacturer and designers realized how much money teenagers spent on their clothes. Many of these teens used their own money from jobs that they had and often went shopping without their parents, choosing instead to pick out their own clothes. This trend started with stores such as 5.7.9 and has gone on to include Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe and The Buckle. There are also unisex theme stores that cater to the hard rock and Goth crowd, such as Hot Topic. In these stores you can find leather and lace combinations as well as trendy stockings and outer garments. The decor of junior clothing stores add to the appeal for their younger clientele. The music that is played in them includes rock and other popular genres favored by the young crowd. Many of the salespeople are teens themselves and proudly sport piercings, tattoos and the hair color du jour.

The owners of junior clothing stores know that the prices have to be affordable for teens, so the clothes that they carry usually cost less than what adults would have to pay for theirs. They also recognize that teens are fickle and constantly change their opinions on what is in fashion, so the emphasis is more on style than actual quality. Most of these clothes are cut to fit the smaller bodies that teenaged girls have, but many of the stores realize that not all teens have tiny waists, so they include sections for those teens that are considered “plus” sized. This adds extra appeal because now groups of teens can shop together instead of having to split up to allow the larger sized group to shop at stores that cater mainly to adults. There are also stores such as Torrid that cater to plus sized teenagers, offering them the same styles as their slimmer counter parts that they may not be able to find in the regular junior clothing stores.

Teens are a clothing manufacturer’s dream, spending an estimated 172 billion dollars a year. In recognition of that fact, department stores now offer large areas that are dedicated to juniors. They too play music designed to lure them into that section and feature trendy and stylish clothes and jewelry that they think will appeal to their younger audience. Lane Bryant, a store that specializes in plus sized clothing for adults, have added younger looking lines of garments, as have others. For the teens that desire a more classic look, stores such as Abercrombie offer clothing lines that will appeal to this type of shopper.

Poetry Scammers. Wolves in Sheeps Clothing!


There are many legitimate contests but hidden among them are sponsors who only care about making a quick buck. They care little about writing or authors.

They exist solely for profit through so-called writing or poetry contests. Many times you’ll find these “free” poetry contests advertised in your local newspaper. Before you consider entering any free on-line literary or writing contest, do yourself a favor. Inform yourself about these unscrupulous people and study how they operate so that you can avoid being one of their next victims.

Prospective victims are sent flattering letters, saying that they are great poets and that the panel of judges’ or ‘sectional committee’ strongly believes their submission is worth publishing.

The scammers may even go so far as to state that you have been nominated for the ‘Poet of the Year’.

They will attempt to appear legitimate by quoting credible sources and previous “winners” of their international contests.

Q. How do you know if a contest is actually a poetry scam?

A. A contest is a poetry scam if you must buy one or more copies of the book in which you will be published.

Here’s a run down of signs indicating that you may be someone else’s prospect for their poetry scam.

Everybody Wins!

Scams often have huge numbers of winners. They make money by publishing books of poetry that are bought almost exclusively by the “lucky winners”. In other words, they publish YOU because they expect you to buy copies of the book. These books contain many hundreds of poems in them. This way they can charge as many people as possible. Besides the book, they may offer to publish your poetry on a plaque, an audio CD or even a web site… for a fee of course.

Huge Prize Offers!

Unfortunately, contests with unusually large prizes are probably not for real. If you can win thousands of dollars or more, chances are that you’ll shell out more money than you’ll be getting.

Reading and Entry Fees

Many contests make money by charging you to enter or charging to read your poems. DANGER WILL ROBINSON! These are contests you should be very cautious about entering. Contests that charge an entry fee are either funding the prizes with the fee or funding the prizes and pocketing the difference. Either way, it’s not a good deal for you. Legitimate poetry contests generally have small prizes and no fees. If you enter a contest with a fee, be aware that you are paying to compete with other poets.


While it’s flattering to be asked to read your poetry in front of a gathering of fellow poets, be careful if a contest selects you as a “winner” and then tries to sell you a trip to a gathering of poets or writers. If it’s going to cost you several hundred dollars out of pocket, and they’re the ones getting the money, then you’re probably being scammed.


One of the all time favorite scams is that you will be selected for special poetry writing classes. The scammers tell you that your poem is very good, but that you could benefit from lessons conducted by one of their teachers. There’s nothing wrong with you taking poetry classes to improve your skills, but it is misleading to disguise advertisements for classes as a legitimate poetry contest.

For novices and those trying to make a living by writing, poetry scams are a disappointment to say the least. Don’t let poetry scammers squash your dreams.

Safety measures to be taken when buying childrens clothing

Safety measures to be taken when buying childrens clothing

* Ensure that small items attached to clothing are not easily detached or removed *
Small items such as buttons, zipper pull, snaps or any decorative sequines should not be easily detach from your child clothing as this poses a choking hazard to young children.

* Avoid hazardous items such as drawstrings *
Children’s jackets and sweatshirts with drawstrings around the hood or neck of children’s outerwear presents a strangulation hazard. Children can get entangled and strangle in the drawstrings that catch on objects, including playground equipment, fences and tree branches.

* Avoid Flammable Loose-Fitting Garments *
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns people not to put children to sleep in loose-fitting T-shirts or other over-size clothes made from cotton or cotton blends. These garments can catch fire easily and are associated with 200 to 300 emergency room-treated burn injuries to children annually. Loose-fitting clothing stands away from the body, making contact with an ignition source more likely. Loose-fitting, non-flame-resistant child clothing allows an air space next to the body that helps keep the fire burning, possibly injuring children.

It is safer to put your children in flame-resistant or snug-fitting sleepwear. Flame-resistant garments do not continue burning when removed from a small open flame. Snug-fitting garments need not be flame-resistant because they are made to fit closely against a child’s body. Their stretchy fabrics make them comfortable. Snug-fitting sleepwear does not ignite easily and, even if ignitedArticle Submission, does not burn as rapidly because there is little air under the garment to feed a fire.

* Check for sharp objects in your child clothing *
A decorative items such as pin may get detach causing a puncture wound on your child body.

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